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A Goal Sheet Is Vital In Goal Setting

Planning is part of the process of reaching a goal. As you go on your planning activities, there are some approaches that are used to make goal setting easy to execute. Goal worksheets are utilized as guides where each activity you planned is written. Without a goal working sheet, it would be difficult to implement and monitor a goal setting program especially for those who lack the knowledge about goal setting. There are many goal sheet templates on the internet which you can use to guide you. They are free and very helpful in planning out your goals.

What Is A Goal Worksheet?

A goal worksheet is a statement of goals of a person about his career, personal or health goals. It is a pattern of questions about what, how, when and who. The goal working sheet has several sections where you should devote time to think about. Before you start with your goal worksheet, try to supply the answers to the following questions.

  • Is your goal fit the core values and plans for your life?
  • Can you reach your goal?
  • Is it measureable and how?
  • What is the frequency of measuring your accomplishment?
  • What is the duration of time to accomplish it?
  • What is your grade in a scale of five if you will rate your motivation level?

If you can find the answers to the above questions with lesser difficulty, then go on with your goal setting using a goal sheet. You can fill out that blank form with ease and confidence.

What Are the Uses of a Goal Sheet?

There are several benefits that you can get in using a goal worksheet. It can definitely help you in your goal setting. It is a simple guide to help you think of what are the dreams that you want to realize. By writing them down on the sheet, you can visualize those dreams easily one by one. Analyze every item that you have jotted down. If you have a goal sheet to work on, it would be easy for you to eliminate, revise, study further or break down into smaller goals the goals that are in general terms.

A goal working paper can also reflect how you will evaluate your progress or accomplishments. You can provide the spaces to rate yourself. You can monitor your steps every day, week, month, quarter or even once a year if that fits your need. If your goal is about your career, the questions will be different and your deadline will also vary. There are many factors how you will devise your goal sheet. If you are not familiar how they appear, you can download a copy from your computer. They are free and could help you a lot.

In every goal sheet that you’ll use in your goal setting work, remember the following pointers so that the goal you are setting up whether it is personal, health or career goal can be achieved. Is the goal you have in mind which you have now written can pass the acronym “smarter”? Your goal should qualify the following letters that make up the word “smarter”.

  • S: make your goal specific. If you can’t identify your goal in specific terms, it would be difficult to aim for it in the first place. Can you write down how much salary do you want in your dream job? Well, this is an example how specific is your goal if you say $50,000.
  • M: it can be measured. You should be able to track your accomplishments. Every month or quarter, your progress should be accounted for and compared to what you have planned. This is one way to determine if your goal is realistic and achievable. Your evaluation can guide you whether to revise it and continue pursuing it.
  • A: your goal should be achievable. Your goal must be within your reach. It is not too low or very high to achieve. This is the reason why a goal is personal in the sense that you know by heart what goal is impossible to reach and when is a goal too low for you to set up. Your goal must be challenging and involves difficulties but are possible to overcome.
  • R: it should be realistic. Your goal must be adaptable to the present life you are living. It must answer the question what are the reasons why this goal is valuable to you.
  • T: it should be time-sensitive. You can set a time line and a deadline to reach that goal.
  • E: It should be exciting, enjoyable and ethical. If you can have the three items, there’s no question why you will find motivation lacking in your favor.
  • R: You must have the resources to achieve it. You must have the people to help you, the places, systems and materials that you need must be available to your reach. You must have an inventory of all these resources in order to help you in achieving your goal.

A goal sheet is really vital in your goal setting activities. It is where you will write your dreams and from there start the process of reaching it.