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Goal Setting For Kids – Perfect Timing

Kids have been a great source of our inner strength as they bring joy to our homes. They are the fruits of our love that continuously strengthens our family relationships. They provide us comforts and immeasurable joy. They are the objects of our great labor and sacrifices to achieve our goals. The future of our generation relies on the right self development of our kids.

As we train our children before reaching their school age, we set up goals at home. The mothers adopt several goals to rear their kids the way they want them to be. Upon reaching toddlers level, school for children of their age continue to supplement the training at home. They developed goal setting in kids to hone their skills at a young age and develop them as they grow up.
The Mind of the Kid

In order to encourage our children to set up goals, we must understand how their fragile minds work. We must have the patience to guide and explain to them in details how important goals in their lives are even at a young age. They must know well that goals are used to make life easier, enjoyable and add fun to their lives.

We must teach our children not to give up easily after they have established their goals. They should understand that failures are part of life and they should not be discouraged when they experienced it. They must be taught that failures are needed to make one strong.

What we feed to the child’s mind will remain as foundational structures as they grow older. If we keep on repeating these ideas, they’ll not forget them and will be reminded that goals are important for them to succeed. If we taught them that for every failure is a success, then quitting would not be their easy recourse.
Why Teach Kids to Set Goal

If you compare kids with goalsto those without, the former excel more than the latter, be it on their academic or sports activities. Even in their personal lives, it is evident that the child with goals far exceeds those without. So why not teach our children to set goals while they are still young. Here are some of the reasons why kids must learn to set a goal.

  • To have a purpose. Children with goals have purpose in what they do. They know that they are aiming to accomplish things in order to achieve a goal. The purpose gives them the drive to go on with their assigned tasks.
  • To have a focus. When kids are working for a goal, they remain focused to it. Their concentration is very high so that they can accomplish things that they normally would not if they were not given a goal.
  • To motivate them. Children need grown up people to motivate them through the goals that we set for them. As they learn to set their own goals later on without our help, they also learn how to motivate themselves. When children are given goals to achieve, they are motivated to do what needs to be done in order to achieve their goals. If you set a goal for your child to top his class, he will study harder to achieve that goal. He will be motivated whenever he thinks of the rewards that go for being the best in his class. Encouraging him more will further stoke the fire of his motivation.

As your child learns the beauty of goal setting in kids, he will keep this skill while growing up. He will do his own goal setting activities when he enters higher learning institutions since he understands well the principle of turning dreams into realities through goal setting.

The future of our kids and their success levels depend on the way on how we planted the seeds of goal setting in their young minds today. All of us want our children to succeed in their lives. However, they must be willing to learn and do the right action towards success. It is not enough that they know how to set up goals. They should also know how to implement their actions perfectly to achieve their goals. It is now the perfect time to train them to aim high. Teach them how to dream and transform that dream into real achievements. A young mind that was perfectly guided how to set goals will surely hit it big. This is the amazing benefit of goal setting in kids if done right.