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Goal Setting Theory of Motivation – An Amazing Tool

Do you know the reasons why you keep on doing the things you most like? If you can answer this honestly and positively, then success is always within your easy reach. The goal setting theory of motivation is one of vital elements of success in whatever goals you set. The greatest source of motivation is yourself, and if that is your greatest abundance, then enjoy to the fullest.

Motivation is one of the essentials of being successful. People who lack it will die in their dreams. They will never start goal setting as they don’t have the driving force to put their dreams into action. And the first step is to write that dream into a goal by setting it up.

You Must Dream Dreams

Before you can start planning, you must have the idea in your mind. You must have a dream; a vision where your aspirations in life are enshrined. These dreams could start at a young age when somebody tells you to become somebody. You are encouraged and started nourishing that dream and began your self development to pursue it. Unknowingly with your subconscious mind, you are doing things that are geared towards that goal. Until that time came and you formalized your dream into a concrete action, you lacked focus. You wrote your idea and started a written plan of action. In writing your dreams, you have made the first step towards the achievement of that vision.

Sit and Plan – “Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail”

The statement often quoted is that failure is inevitable when you do not plan for success – and this statement seems to be correct. How could you reach your destination if you don’t know the direction? While there is a possibility that by accident you can hit what you are aiming for, it is a very remote chance it will ever happen.

The surest way to reach your goal is really by setting it up. Since you were the one who put it up, you know its definite location. You know what specific goal it is. What are the obstacles that you will encounter before reaching your goals? You know the tools that you will need to put yourself at arm’s length to grab it. In short, success is in your hands. If you sit and plan well, things though difficult at first could work in your favor if your plan is perfect.

What Is Your Goal?

Is your goal general or specific? Once you have set up and identified your goal in life, go down to the details and be specific on what you really want. Eliminate the goals that are not realistic and pick the ones that will make the most impact in your life. Reduce it down into more specifics by chopping it off into smaller goals. Classify them into short term and long term goals.

For every goal, establish your objective. Define each aim and further plan out on how to achieve it, Your goals whether short term or long term, personal or career goals will be your guiding lights that will illumine your pathways as you do your daily walks. Without a goal, you’ll be sidetracked as you have no purpose.

Do You Have The Objective?

A good planner won’t stop after identifying his goals or completing his goal setting activities. Once he has formulated his smart goals, he continues his work by laying down the objectives which are anchored on his goals. The objectives are the steps that he will follow to reach the goals that he established.

A goal to become a Vice President of Sales of a marketing company could perhaps include the objective of obtaining a masters degree in business as part of his personal career development. Another objective to achieve that goal would be by becoming a sales manager of the firm in one year. These are specific plans within a given time frame to reach every objective that will ultimately bring him to the office of his heart’s desire.

Do You Have The Strategies?

While objectives are the steps to take in order to reach your goals, strategies are actions that you will do to accomplish your objectives. If your objective is to become the sales manager in one year, your answers to the question “how will you get the appointment to head the sales department?” are your strategies. Some of the answers will be the qualifications required to become a sales manager. Are your educational credentials satisfactory to meet the requirements? If not, the answer is a good example of your strategy.

You will note that every objective and the corresponding strategies related to it entail obstacles that are not easy to handle especially when you are not prepared. In order to meet them, you need to generate a lot of motivation. The vital source of your motivation is yourself. How great is your desire to become the VP of Sales? Does the goal setting theory of motivation allow you to aim that high?