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Smart Sales Goals Will Aid Your Performance

Sales and marketing are very important parts of the operations in a business organization. Although production and finance are equally vital, sales and marketing is indispensable since income is generated by sales. While close coordination is necessary among all these common operating areas of a commercial entity, sales targets can bring the firms operations to a halt.

No company can move forward without setting up sales objectives. These are written targets where objectives are drawn up. These are like the lighthouses that guide ships to reach their safe anchor after a long tumultuous journey. Sales goals are the foundations of good planning that produce detailed objectives.

Are Your Sales Goals Realistic?

You can achieve your goals if they are realistic. If your goal is lacking on this feature of a SMART goal, your failure to achieve it will not be surprising . So, what is a realistic goal? The objective you create to achieve the goal is what promotes your willingness to achieve it, provided you have the ability to do so.

Is your goal relevant to what you are presently doing or intend to do?

Your goal must be able to answer the following questions.

  • Is it worthwhile to pursue?
  • Is the time ripe to do it?
  • Is the person to execute it the perfect one?
  • Is it flexible and open for rectification?
  • Is it in agreement with other activities?

Your goal must not only be specific, measureable, achievable, and could be set on a time frame but must also be realistic in order to achieve it.

What Are the Objectives?

The sales targets that you’ve established should have all the features of a SMART goal in order for you to develop the objectives to reach your targets. You need all the relevant information as you develop your objectives in aiming to reach your sales projections. For example if one of your sales goals is to double your sales this year, then careful preparations of your objectives must be focused on an hundred percent increase in sales of last years’ operations.

You need all the data from your previous years’ operations, like the number of dealers or outlets, sales per dealer or outlet and evaluate every dealership’s area of operation if its market share could be doubled. Who are your competitors and what is their positioning in the market. What do you need to do to penetrate them? All of these information must be gathered and weaved together to come up with your objectives in plain and simple statements using goal worksheets.

These are just some of the questions you’ll find yourself searching for answers. You will probably need a deeper examination of the market in order to arrive at reasonable objectives where you can plot properly your sales strategies. If you do not know well the market, your sales figures will surely be missed.

Do You Have the Gauge?

Monitoring your activities is a way of auditing your performances. How would you know exactly if you did well if you don’t have the gauge to measure your accomplishments? After you have set up the sales goals as well as finished your work in establishing your objective, a review mechanism which will run parallel to your execution of your objectives must also be in-place. At certain points during the period of action , you must know your performance levels and how they compare to your goals and objectives.

The majority of business establishments use a monthly reporting system to compare what happened against what they have planned to happen. Have you exceeded your marketing goals or poorly lagged behind it. It is essential that you keep yourself informed of these developments so that you can make the necessary adjustments of your sales goals if needed.

If you found out that your goals are not realistic based on what is happening on the ground, you must adapt to the situation and become flexible. It will be a futile exercise if you run against the current.

Reassess your position and remain fluid as you are trying to evaluate the situation. The gauge you will use will be your radar to sound off the alarm when trouble is approaching. This will give you ample time to avoid costly losses and regain the right positioning to get you back again on the right track.

Just Continue

As you go on in your daily sales operations, just continue. Execute what is on your plan of actions. Draw and keep yourself well motivated to pursue your sales objectives.

You need to put in operations all the strategies that you have and see if they work as planned. This is the only way to prove if your tactics are working cohesively to carry out your strategies.

Through your reports you’ll know if the sales strategies are now perfectly directed to reach your objectives. If your objectives are 100% followed as per your operational plans then, achieving your sales goals is the end result



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