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The Importance of Goal Setting

Setting up a goal has its purpose and that is to make your dream into reality. Improving your monthly sales by 5% is a good objective to reach a sales goal of 60% increase in income by year’s end. Can you appreciate the importance of goal setting in this illustration? Remove the goal and you’ll be in the dark. Perhaps you’ll never strive to work hard and remain doing the same things you’ve been doing before.  Goal setting is important because it motivates us to do our best in order to reach what we have established to achieve.

What Are Goals?

Goals are the things that can be observed and quantified or measured as the end results of our efforts that were achieved through the objectives that we have set and followed within a set time-table. They are what we want to have or to be where we focused our efforts to reach them. Goals are visions; they are our dreams that were transformed into realities after we have poured all what we have planned out in order to realize them.

It is not easy to reach a goal. You need to know how to set your goal. You have to put your idea or dream into a written desire. And that is the start of your goal setting activities. Goal setting is very important to enjoy the things that you have been dreaming of for a long time. Without goals, you dreams will remain a dream forever.

Why You Need Goal Setting

There is always a purpose why we set our goals and that is to achieve it. But why do we need goal setting. Below are some of the common reasons why.

  • It focuses our direction. If you have a goal, your eyes and mind are directed towards that singular point. You put all your energies towards that focal point and it serves as your funnel where you channel all your inputs to generate the desired output that you want which is your success. If you reach that goal, the prize that awaits you is a triumphant victory in life.
  • It drives us forward. Motivation is in full gear if we have the goal perfectly set before us. We know only one direction-that is to the straight way towards our goal. It keeps on driving us forward no matter how strong the currents of obstacles are. We keep on pressing towards that mark-the goal.
  • It gives clarity to our destination. If you know what your goal is, it is very clear to us that at the end of it is an amazing prize. The clarity of our purpose to fight all odds is well-defined. Without a goal, we easily lose sight and get lost in the dark. Frustrations will hinder us because we do not have a clear understanding of what awaits us at the end of the journey.
  • It makes us accountable. Goals are our personal barometer to gauge our accomplishments. Are we doing fine or in peril of failing? Goals monitor our performances as we move towards them.
  • It makes us better. When we set our goals, we are actually challenging ourselves. Goals unclothe us who we are. Our best and worst characters are manifested as we strive towards our goals’ achievements. We can see ourselves how we handled problems successfully or how we bungled the job and retreated into procrastination and miserably failed.
  • It shows us to enjoy the best of life. As you do battle with the difficult obstructions laid all over before you can reach the top, the experiences that made you a better person will give you the complete feelings of enjoying life to the fullest. What if you reached success, it far exceeds the enjoyment of what life can offer.

Have You Evaluate Your Goals

If you want to know whether your goal is perfect, subject it to a test. You can check if it can qualify on the acronym “smart”. This term stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. If it passes the standard of a smart goal, then you have it.

You should devote quality time in your goal setting activities. This is an important aspect of planning out in order to reach your goals. You have to evaluate your physical, mental and spiritual awareness in order to prepare yourself for the big battle ahead. Remember, it is not an easy work to achieve a goal. You need a well coordinated effort of your body, mind and soul to achieve it. The importance of goal setting cannot be discounted.