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Why Motivation and Goal Setting Are Inseparable – Do You Lack Either?

Do you have the right motivation to continue moving on? If you don’t move forward as planned, something is wrong with your motivational support systems. You must have a perfect driving force to keep you moving. Motivation is similar to the fuel of a car. If your gas tank is empty, there’s no way for your vehicle to move on. Just the same in goal setting, it can’t move further without motivation. Motivation and goal setting is your perfect fuel and car combination to deliver you right on time to your destination.

What is Motivation?

Motivation is derived from the word “motive” which conveys a need, a want, a drive or a desire within a person. It encourages an individual to do things in order to accomplish a goal. It is normally used to illustrate why an individual does a certain action. There are many work-related goals that are propelled by people’s desire for money, their want to become successful or other needs. And all of these stimulants fall under this term- motivation.

Motivation and Goal Setting

Motivation and Goal Setting

Motivation and goal setting is very important in planning out your future moves in order to achieve your dreams. Without this vital energizer, your goal setting theory is without any essence. Your goal management techniques although well- studied and properly laid-out will surely fail. That is how important motivation is in your goal setting activities.

Importance of Self Motivation Goal Setting

Self motivation through goal setting is always the most sought after foundation in building up a goal. Laziness and procrastination are the most common hindrances to fire up your motivation. You must shake off these negative attitudes which are stumbling blocks towards your success. Don’t you know that the greatest motivator is yourself? While some close associates may encourage you, it is only you who can accomplish what you want. You must motivate yourself that you can do it!

An individual as well as a business can benefit from practicing self motivation. If you are a person who knows how to motivate yourself, you can enjoy the following positive effects.

•    It will help you achieve your personal goals.

•    You will have job satisfaction when you are motivated.

•    It will help you in your self-development goals.

•    You will surely benefit in working with an energetic team.

On the other hand, if you are managing a business, the following will surely be felt.

•    Your workforce will become more excited and challenged in their assigned tasks.

•    They will be more flexible and creative in any work they will handle.

•    As they contribute more efforts, your operations will be more profitable.

•    There will be stability and feeling of work security for all.

Motivation and goal setting activities are both beneficial to an individual and even to group of individuals in boosting their self motivation in the achievement of their respective goals.

The Features of Motivation Goal Setting Theory

This theory about motivation and goal setting was introduced by Edwin Locke in the 1960s. It espoused the belief that goal setting is basically connected to work accomplishment. It says that if you want a better output, your goals must not only be challenging but specific. And you must have the corresponding feedback mechanism to monitor it. It sums up the theory on the thinking that people are led to what and how much should be accomplished through the goals that were set up. The main features of this theory are:

•    Higher motivation-The fervent desire to achieve a goal is the main motivating factor. You can draw more motivation if you have clear, specific and more challenging goals.

•    Goals are clear and specific-when you know that your goals are in clear and unambiguous languages, doubt will not cloud your desire to do it. The more motivation you will have when a deadline is set to achieve them. There’s no room for misunderstanding.

•    Goals are realistic and are more challenging-triumph is sweeter when a goal is achieved after conquering many obstacles. People are more inclined to conquer a goal when it is not easy to achieve. The feeling of pride is always there when we reach our goals after many difficulties.

•    There is feedback-under this theory, the results are monitored by a feedback mechanism that further encourages the participants to work harder to achieve the goal. This leads to greater accomplishments and higher job satisfaction among workers.

With these positive features of motivation and goal setting theory, every person can now take a good shot of it in shaping their future.

Why Motivation Time Management Is Important

Motivation and proper time management are also important elements of goal setting. While motivation keeps your eyes focused on the target, time management keeps the clock to its precise moment to log in your actions. Your poor habits of doing it later and lack of initiative are always there to keep you a distance away. If you arrived late, your time management is definitely not strictly followed on time.

Identifying the deadline in your goal setting must be realistic and within reach. No matter how exciting your goal is, your efforts to accomplish it would be futile if it is not realizable. Set a time frame on your goal that is reasonable and within the bounds of your resources to achieve. Unrealistic goals as to deadlines are still dreams that were only put into writing. Your dreams become goals when they are realistic and achievable.

However, there are also goals whose deadlines are perfectly studied and within reach yet remain unachieved. Well, these are the results of lack of discipline to follow what has been laid out from the very beginning.

Is Your Leadership Goal Setting Adequate?

The best leaders are known by how they used their goal setting knowledge in their realm of operations. Success of an enterprise is often gauged by the effectiveness of its goal setting strategies. Leaders are primarily tasked to set the direction of their organizations based on a blueprint to achieve specific goals. Some use mission and vision statements to motivate their people to work for a common goal.

Many leaders adopt this approach to create an overall vision for their organization. This is the focal point of direction of the company from which company goals are drawn. And out these general or main goals, specific goals for each area of operation are likewise formulated.

So we can visualize how leadership skills in goal setting are equally important in the overall activities of setting goals. You can be a leader in your own world of personal goal setting by directing yourself to be the great motivator of your own goal.

Motivation and Goal Setting – Conclusion

In summary, motivation alone can’t make your dreams come true. You must have a theory to guide you, a sense of discipline about time management, and skills to lead even your own self. In fact, you need every positive thing that can make your motivation and goal setting activities move in the right direction.


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