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You Can Achieve Your Long Term Career Goals – But Write Them Down!

We are most challenged when our long term personal goals are being achieved in stages as we have planned them. As we review the road that we have traveled and reminisced the failures and victories that we have battled with and savored, our motivation is rekindled as we hoped to reach the goals we have set up.

We always re-read and go back to the quotes on achieving goals to keep us eventually recharged with the same desires to succeed as when we first started. Long term career goals can only materialize if we are persistent and keep on believing that we will succeed. Nothing can stop us as long as our determination to continue is kept aflame and alive.

Write It Don’t Say It

As we are all susceptible to forgetfulness, the simplest way to keep us updated is by referring constantly to our notes. Saying it will always fade but not when it is written. If we surround ourselves with reminders in black and white, our minds will always respond and keep us on the things that we have previously programmed our thoughts to focus on. As these remained in our subconscious minds, it is easy to redirect and fight off whatever negative inclinations that come to us.

Reminders which are in audio-visual form are great providers of motivation, especially when our desire to move on is waning due to discouragement. We can always bounce back and regain our strength to pursue our goal if only we have written down our dreams instead of resorting to spoken goals.

We must always start writing it and stop saying it! Dreams when reduced to readable long range career goals are much less difficult to achieve.

Draw Up the Plan to Reach

If we are trained to writing down our ideas, it is now easy to draw up our plans for our long term career goals. We can formulate the steps that we must take in order to reach those career goals that we set up. If we can see where we are going to, we can plan out the shortest route to reach that destination.  We can survey the road and identify every obstacle that we will encounter in passing down that route. With the written plan, we can make a list of all the tools that we need to use in going along this track.

Are we prepared to tackle that road if it’s rough?

Do we have the personal development programs to equip ourselves in order to achieve our goals?

What are the resources that we need to develop ourselves, physically, mentally and spiritually?

All of these can be answered properly, if we have the written words and phrases to transcribe our long term career goals isn’t it?

Execute on Time

A good plan is worthless unless it is put into action. The execution must be timely. It must not be ahead of time or late. If you fail to observe the time element, success is not assured. It is not enough that you have a prepared plan. The plan remains a plan if nothing on it is tested by implementation. Take action!!

Evaluate Your Accomplishment

While implementing your plan of actions to achieve your long term career goals, accomplishments must be monitored. This is your way of evaluating the effectiveness of the strategies that you are executing. The result of your findings will determine your next move – whether to revise your plan or pursue it.

In most cases, it is advisable that your plan of action is flexible to current situations on the ground in order to make your goal achievable. Many individuals have failed to reach their goals because they refused to adapt then to the realities of the situation.

Bear in mind that in goal setting, your goals must be smart. That means they should be achievable and realistic. If you don’t meet these two features, it would be difficult if not impossible for you to realize your goals.

Go On Moving Forward

It is not a simple walk in the park when you pursue your long term career goals. You will encounter difficulties that you’ve never imagined before. Your plan is not enough. You will need lots of motivation to persevere and persist until the end. Keep on pressing; continue to go on moving forward. To stop and procrastinate is to admit defeat.



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